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‘Let your light shine before men;
that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father who is in heaven.’ (Matthew 5:16)


Wonder is a novel by R J Palacio which deals with Friendship, Isolation and Courage - themes which reflect the transition from primary school to secondary school.

Each student will receive a copy of this book and this page will have videos of the book being read.

Ordinary (page 3)

The first chapter is a first person narrative; we get to meet August and find out why other people do not see him as ordinary even though he does ordinary things! You can watch a video of our Headteacher, Mr Wilson, reading this chapter below.

As a Church of England school we do not believe anybody is ordinary; everyone is a unique reflection of God and is made in His image.

To prepare to join Archbishop Tenison's School, try writing a first person narrative to introduce yourself. What makes you unique?

When you've finished, show it to your parents and send it to Mrs Brett-Ahmed (your Pastoral Leader)   brettahmed.w@ats.lambeth.sch.uk.




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Archbishop Tenison's School is a small school offering a warm and friendly environment for staff to develop.

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