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‘Let your light shine before others;
that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father who is in heaven.’ (Matthew 5:16)

Religious Studies at Tenison's

Curriculum Intent for Religious Studies

Our curriculum in Religious Studies intends to empower students to leave Archbishop Tenison’s School as religiously literate individuals, able to critically engage with religious, philosophical and spiritual concepts. Religious Studies is a safe community, where students are able to look at, reflect on, and discuss life’s ‘ultimate questions’. We acknowledge that this is not always easy, and emphasise the importance of treating each other with dignity in every lesson. The KS3 curriculum offers a rich and diverse investigation into the six major world religions, with a focus on Christianity, that is reflective of life in modern Britain. We address any gaps in knowledge and encourage students take ownership of their learning. This enables them to create a secure foundation in which their GCSE wisdom is built upon.

The KS4 curriculum for RS follows the EDUQAS specification. Beliefs, teachings and practices within Christianity and Judaism are studied in depth, which offers a clear comparison of the Abrahamic faiths. Additionally, students learn about philosophical issues such as the problem of evil, and ethical issues such as human rights. We have hope that all pupils are able to flourish in RS – both academically and spiritually, ready to live out our school vision: ‘let their light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven’.

In keeping with the recommendation from the Church of England statement for entitlement, students spend more than half of their curriculum time in Religious Studies learning about Christianity, either as a direct scheme of work, or in comparison to another world religion.

 Curriculum Plans

At Archbishop Tenison's, our curriculum has been developed with a clear focus on the core knowledge we think every child should learn.

Click on the Learning Journey to see when knowledge is taught and how it is built upon over time.

For a more detailed understanding of what is taught in each year, click on our Year Guides below:

  • Year 7 Guide
  • Year 8 Guide
  • Year 9 Guide
  • Year 10 Guide
  • Year 11 Guide 




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