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Archbishop Tenison's School

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Physical Education at Tenison's

Curriculum Intent for Physical Education

Our curriculum in Physical Education intends to provide all students with the ability to give back to their community. All students are given the opportunity to become sports leaders including hosting and supporting sports events with the aim to develop a passion for sports in younger students.


We hope that all students will flourish within Physical Education whereby introducing them to a range of sports in order to gain an understanding of mental, physical and emotional Health and the importance of exercise outside of the classroom in order to live a healthy lifestyle.
Pride in performance, pride in support and pride in participation, are all skills that will be nurtured for  all students to be dignified, in order for all students to appreciate that success is not just with in victory, but within participation and effort.
Wisdom is not applied just through practical performances and acquired knowledge, as we are aiming to instill fundamental values in sport such as respect for officials and rules,  appreciate differences in people in order to prepare them for their adult lives.

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