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Science at Tenison's

Curriculum Intent for Science

Our curriculum in Science aims to be ambitious for all of our children by providing enquiry opportunities to maintain their continuous curiosity about the world around them.

In science, we develop wisdom by enabling our students to become critical thinkers in the application of evidence based situations. This is enshrined in our students through the thematic approach of scientific big ideas. In science we hope to equip all the students with the ability to provide solutions to everyday situations; to benefit their community by appreciating each other’s input, enhancing the learning experience by way of discussions, by way of literature, by way of teacher exposition, by way of engaging in practical task to solidify and enhance theoretical based work.

We instill hope by challenging students to think critically about their ideas and how those ideas can bring about solutions to everyday problems appreciating the life-long impact of science in their own lives and globally. By discussing every day matters, we develop enthusiasm in our students as it allows them to feel empowered with the knowledge they have to answer questions about these matter.

Our science department allows all our students to feel like they are part of a community as we celebrate scientific ideas through understanding of discovery coming from all walks of life by working collaboratively with members with different backgrounds and ethnicities. This also allows for our students to demonstrate their dignity in science by respecting each other’s work and contributing towards the scientific body of knowledge within the classroom and globally despite differences in opinion with a respect to a common language in science and procedure and having a person’s work judged based on that.

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