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Christmas Celebrated @ ATS

Last night we celebrated the Christmas season with a lovely concert which was filled with Uplifting music from or choir, violin and brass ensemble. The evening also included solo performances and Afrobeat dance.  Thanks to the wonderful peri staff and the head of music for putting the event all together. 

Ms S Latunji (Head of Music)


Remembrance Day Service at ATS

On Friday 9th November was a special day Archbishop Tenison.  Sunday 11th November marked the centenary of the armistice; the end of World War 1 so the whole school had a Remembrance Day Service to commemorate the sacrifice made by so many, especially those who were students of ATS.

The service included Prayers, scriptures and a hymn with tributes from Louise Bateman, Jim Henderson and Simon Tenison.

The event, though solemn was treated with sensitivity and honour by both students and staff.

My thanks to all who contributed and attended to show their respect to so many who gave their lives so that we can experience the freedom we have today.

Pastor R Reid (School Chaplain) 



"Let your light shine before others." HipHop to Opera

We are very proud to announce that HipHop to Opera has been nominated in two categories at the Milan International Film Festival: Best Short Documentary and Best Director. Six of the ATS students who took part are being taken to Milan for the event which will include a trip to Lake Como. This project has continued to proove that it is important to take opportunities that are offered to you. Who knows what will happen next?! We are very proud of you all. #proudtenisonians 

Ms Fox (Assistant Headteacher)





Black History Month @ ATS

In celebration of Black History Month, today we celebrated Culture Day. We are very proud of the different nationalities we have here at ATS and today represented that. It was a day filled joy , food, music and laughter, enjoyed by both students and the amazing staff. We look forward to celebrating again next year.

Ms S Latunji (Head of Music) 



Sixth Formers win Mark Evison Bursary 

We have worked with the Mark Evison Foundation for many years now, a charity which enables young people to apply for a sum of money to achieve something that helps them to achieve something they have dreamt of doing.

Read the report about Michael Mcfarlene and Chavez Idherje’s bike ride from London to Brighton and back and how it changed them:

"Our challenge was to complete a Bike ride from London to Brighton, and then do a second ride to Storrington before heading back to London. This was a challenge as it had been years since both of us had ridden a bike.
The journey started off badly with one of our members being unable to attend on the morning of our travel. This meant we would leave hours behind schedule.

We arrived at the bike shop late and picked up our bikes. Straight away we felt the difference between riding a road bike and normal bikes, and it took us a while before we could ride them properly. When we finally got riding, it was a very enjoyable experience.

Riding on the cycle lane through parks and farmlands is a really relaxing and beautiful experience, that we would definitely do again. We realised that often our parents would criticise us for not being as adventurous as they are, and I now understand where they’re coming from.

Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly. Due to time, we had very short 10 – 20 min breaks we had a 5 hour ride and needed to arrive in Brighton in 4 hours. We continued to ride and then down a hill one of us managed to fall of our bike and injure himself. However, we pushed through and continued riding. We continued to ride until eventually one phone died. This is when we crucially realised that we had left our road map.

We changed leaders and picked up the pace. Eventually, both our phones ran out of battery. We had never thought of this as an issue because we thought more members would be coming on the ride. This showed how much more we could have put into our risk assessment. We had run out of time and lost navigation, it seemed hopeless. However, we looked around, asked a man for directions and managed to get the train and the hostel on time.

The ride to Storrington went smoothly but It took a lot out of our injured member. Therefore, we had to take train back home. We were both disappointed not to finish the challenge and apologise for taking train.

We agreed that next time we would be more prepared and tackle this challenge again. Overall it was an excellent experience that we would suggest to anyone and we think it could teach you a lot about yourself."

Find out more by clicking on the link:

Ms Fox (Assistant Headteacher)


 ATS Welcome David Dein

Today at ATS we were very happy to welcome David Dein to speak to our Year 11 and Year 13 students through our links with Speakers for Schools. 

He talked to us about English football, and the story of the Premier League:

He talked about transformation, turning things around for yourself: 

"Be the best you can be" 

He showed us the 'Graph of Success' - "something you should all copy in life; I'm going to do better than last year – that's what we did."

• Talking about PE: 

"If you keep your body fit, your mind is sharper; look after yourself."

• Behaviour and attitude 

"Behaviour and attitude is so important – so many [footballers] failed because they didn't have the right attitude."

"Behaviour and attitude will follow you every day of your life."

• Talking about 'motivating millionaires':

"1. Pride - have pride in your performance; have pride in your homework (you're being judged on it)"

"2. Reputation - it takes years to build up a reputation; you have to work hard at it."

"3. Financial incentives - if you do well, you will get a better contract."

• Talking about Mr Fernando's 'invisible line' (and his own motto):

"The motto of the turtle: you don't get anywhere without sticking your neck out."

• Talking about being successful:

"You need three qualities:

Hard work - you won't get anywhere without hard work

Vision - you've got to have a goal

Courage - you need determination.

• Talking about referees:

" Never criticise a man until you have walked in his moccasins for two weeks." "Old Sioux Indian quote"

Some more quotes on success:

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain."

"Try to be original."

"Nobody can go back and start at the beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

• Talking about going for interviews:

"1. if you are not early you are late

2. Eye to eye contact

3. A firm handshake

4. Smile" 

We are so pleased that he was able to come and talk to us, he inspired us all and we won’t forget this amazing speaker!

 Ms Fox (Assistant Headteacher)


Upper school Prize Giving @ ATS

September, was a special event in our calendar. We celebrated the success of many of our GCSE and Sixth Form students. There was a lot to applaud with students achieving wonderful grades and every sixth form student in Year 13 having a meaningful next steps to move on to.

The Upper School Prize Giving ceremony on Tuesday, 18th

Highlights of the evening included the awarding of the Lionheart Achievement Award to George Twum for resilience and determination to successful complete his studies. This was also the first year that the Anne Marie Emmett Prize for Geography. Malik Nehaili won this award. He is embarking on a Geography degree at Sheffield University.

Ms appavoo (Assistant Headteacher) 




Year 7 began their first day at ATS

Year 7 began their first day at Tenisons on Wednesday. It was a great start to the year and it was so wonderful to see so many parents attend their 'Welcome Service' which was a very special initiation into the Tenison's community. We are looking forward to what will be an exciting journey ahead for our new students and we anticipate that they will continue to thrive and succeed.

Ms Lynch (Head of Year 7) 



Archbishop Tenison's celebrates a doubling of strong passes at GCSE

Students at Archbishop Tenison’s exceed predictions across the board to achieve outstanding GCSE results

We are proud to announce that our 2018 GCSE results have seen fantastic achievements across all departments, with many students securing outstanding A* and 9 grades.

As many of you will know, this is the first year a new grading system for GCSE results has been used for the majority of subjects, with numerical scores replacing letter grades. Headline figures this year continue the school’s upward trajectory, surpassing last year’s achievements, and follow on from last week’s successful set of 2018 A Level results that saw pathways into higher education secured for all students. 

The highlights


  • 36% of students achieved grade 5+ in English and Maths (double the number from 2017)
  • At grade 7+ (including A and above) we had the following very strong outcomes against our benchmarking targets: Biology 41%; Chemistry 41%; History 38%; Religious Studies 24%; Spanish 50%; Sports Studies 24%.
  • The following subjects also equalled or exceeded their target at this level: English Language; English Literature; Maths; Physics; Computer Science; French; Geography
  • At grade 5+ the following subjects met or exceeded their target: Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Computer Science; Spanish; History; Sports Studies; Religious Studies

In addition to the excellent exam results in core subjects, there have been some spectacular individual performances:


  •  Emmanuel achieved one A*, six grade 9s, one grade 8 and three grade 7s
  • Vasco achieved five grade 9s, two grade 8s, one grade 7, two grade 6s
  • Kamal achieved five grade 9s, two grade 8s, three grade 7s

Hear from the Headteacher

“The excellent results this year are the product of hard work from all our students and staff. We have implemented a number of improvements since I became Headteacher and these results confirm that these changes are having the desired impact. Our ethos is built around providing an environment in which every student is driven to fulfill their potential. The excellent outcomes at grades 5+ and 7+ highlight that our focus on stretch and challenge has allowed our students to flourish. Congratulations to everyone collecting their results today, and my sincerest thanks to every member of staff for their unwavering desire to set the highest standards across the school.”

Hear from our students

Archbishop Tenison’s ethos is that ‘Together we aim for excellence, together we achieve and together we succeed’, and high-achiever Michael, who aspires to study at Cambridge University after completing his A Levels, commented on how the school’s community driven culture drove him to succeed:

“Teachers have supported me and have genuine compassion. They are very much involved in all aspects of your education.”

Amongst the many success stories, Emmanuel achieved an exceptional set of results, with one A*, six grade 9s, one grade 8 and three grade 7s. Emmanuel credited his teachers with supporting him to achieve his potentia

“The teachers really care about you and want you to do well. They make sure you have everything you need to succeed”.

Misbah, who attended Brunswick Park Primary School, achieved an impressive nine results at grade 7 or above, as well as an A in business studies. He is planning to go to university after completing his A Levels and aspires to be a computer programmer, an ambition he developed during his time at Archbishop Tenison’s. He described the school as a uniquely supportive environment and commented:

“The school provided me with a lot of extra support when I needed it and has all the resources you could want. My advice to younger years would be to listen to your teachers – they know what is best for you!”

Mr Henderson (Headteacher)



   Student Emmanuel                                                           Student Misbah  


First Give Final sees Year 8 earn a total £2,370 for their 3 chosen charities!

Since Easter, our year 8 students have been undertaking research into social issues in the community, before planning and carrying our their own social actions. The Final was a huge success, with the three groups presenting eloquently and persuasively.

The winning group represented Raw Material, a charity based in Brixton which provides creative opportunities for young people with mental health issues. As a Church school, we believe in reaching out into our community and striving to be a blessing on those around us.

This term, year 8 have collectively done just that. It was a very proud moment for the parents and staff who attended and we look forward to seeing these talented young people continue to build on the skills they have been honing over the course of the last ten weeks. Well done to them all!

Mr Haviland (Head of Religious Studies) 



Visit from Right Reverend Richard Cheetham, Bishop of Kingston

We were delighted to welcome the Right Reverend Richard Cheetham to our school on 23rd May 2018. His visit was planned by Reverend Steve Coulson, vicar of St Mark's, our local parish priest who is a long standing friend of the school and sits on our governing body.

We take great pride in our Christian foundation and it was a huge honour to welcome the bishop to our school and show him how our faith in the goodness and potential of our students and staff is helping to maintain and develop our education here.

The bishop met with me and also with nine of our students who responded well to his questions and asked him some very interesting and considered questions.

Thank you to Nyakeh and Freddy in Year 10; Stephanie, Ella and Denzil in Year 9; Daniel and Adematu in Year 8; Constantine and Heavenly in Year 7 for making him so welcome.

After our meeting, we toured the school and saw some fascinating lessons in Religious Studies, French and Science.

We know that, with his support and prayers, this school is on a journey to great things in the future.

 Mr Henderson (Headteacher)


Three Legged Race at ATS

York House hosted the Three Legged Race in the school playground on Thursday 17th May! The sun was shining and all students from Year 7-Year 13 got involved - we managed to persuade the staff to get involved too! It was a really fun event- stay tuned to find out which House won in our celebration assembly coming soon...

Miss Gregory is hoping it was York!!!!

Miss Gregory (Teacher of Religious Studies)



Egg and Spoon Race at ATS 

This term Canterbury have hosted the Egg & Spoon race for the second year running. It was a great success and there was a fantastic atmosphere!' 

Ms Lynch (Teacher of English)


Jack Petchey 2018  

Mr Henderson presented certificates to our latest group of Jack Petchey achievement award winners.

The six winners, who were nominated by teachers and fellow students, were Hansley (Year 13) Thesen and Ayomide ( year 10 ) Paola ( year 9 ) and Iara and Heavenly ( both year 7)

The winners each get £250 to spend on equipment, a visit or an activity to benefit the school. They are also invited to the Jack Petchey awards ceremony on 13th June. 

Congratulations to all the winners !

Mr Weeks(School Bursar) 



Tenison's Bake Off! 

On Tuesday 27th March(During Lunchtime), we hosted the Great Tenison's Bake Off at school! Staff and students brought in cakes to be sold. We had a range of cakes; from donuts, to Victoria sponges, to oreo brownies!' The Sixth Form helped to sell the cakes at reasonable prices, and we sold out of everything! We raised close to £100 for a local charity 'St. Matthew's Project' in Brixton, which provides activities and lunches for students in the holidays. Thanks to everyone for all your help! Bring on the next Tenison's Bake Off!

Miss Gregory (Teacher of Religious Studies & History)


A Level RS Conference @ ATS

On 22nd March, ATS hosted an A Level RS Conference with guest speaker, Greg Barker. Students were engaged and the day clearly advanced their understanding of the course. Greg is an outstanding speaker and generated some wonderful debates. Students were buzzing at the end of the day with ideas and energy about the course!

Mr Haviland (Head of Religious Studies)


Challenge @ ATS 

On Tuesday 20th March students took part in the Tenison's Challenge. A tough, military based obstacle course that only the most determined and robust of souls could conquer. Students from Year 7 and 8 ran, jumped, crawled and rolled their war to victory; enduring multiple distractions on the way, including drenching by sponges, face dunking and trial by flour.

Everyone had a good time ad students from across the different houses joined in to cheer one another on. The overall winner will be announced next week at achievement assembly.

Pastor Steve Whitton School Chaplain 



Founder's Day 2018 

We were delighted to be invited by Reverend Dr Sam Wells, vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields church, to celebrate the 333rd anniversary of the foundation of our school in the crypt of that church in 1685 by Archbishop Thomas Tenison. Ms Appavoo and Pastor Steve Whitton put the complex arrangements into place very smoothly. 

Our whole school community travelled there on Friday 16th March, Year 7, 8 and 9 by tube and Year 10, 11 and sixth-form by foot. The weather was glorious and the walk along the south bank of the Thames was uplifting.
We were joined at the service by governors past and present, by Sola Ingram, headteacher of St Mark's CofE Primary School, Jon Surtees from Surrey Cricket Club and Craig Morrison from Southwark Diocese Board of Education
We enjoyed music from our violinists, our brass ensemble and our choir, brilliantly prepared by Ms Latunji and our music teachers. We also had reading from our head boy and girl, Mayowa Fakorede and Lakaydia Reynolds as well as from Victoria Gbalajobi in Year 7.
Pastor Steve Whitton gave a powerful sermon which taught us that there are no shortcuts to success. He reminded us how Archbishop Tenison repeatedly put the interests of others ahead of his own and as a result was elevated by God to the top position in the country. Likewise Jesus, before he could be crowned King of Kings had to endure the pain and humiliation of the cross. We saw how Archbishop Tenison has provided us with a ladder to academic success and each member of our school must support one another as we climb ever higher.

Please Click here to read Mr Henderson Welcome statement   

Mr Jim Henderson (Headteacher) 


Hip Hop to Opera 

For the last two years Michael Volpe, Director of Opera Holland Park, has been mentoring a number of our students. Earlier this year he pitched an idea for a film which would follow eight of our sixth-formers as they experienced opera for the first time. Very bravely, eight of them volunteered and Michael captured their journey on this 25 minute film which is both on the BBC and You Tube.

Huge thanks to Simon Tenison, our former chair of governors who put us in contact with Michael Volpe and to Ms Fox who co-ordinated the arrangements and encouraged the sixth-formers as well as Ms King who accompanied them to the Royal Opera House.

The film has received hugely positive reviews on Twitter and in prestigious music publications. Two of the students were interviewed on the Today programme, Radio 4's flagship morning news show with an audience of over 11 million listeners.

The film is partly about opera but it is much more about showing what opportunities flow from saying "yes" rather than "no" to opportunities and being open-minded to new experiences. 

Do watch it and also visit the hashtag #HipHop2Opera on Twitter to see the huge number of positive reactions to it and do follow us on Twitter @tenisons_news to keep up to date with all of our exciting school news over the rest of the year.

Mr Jim Henderson (Headteacher)



ATS hosts a national education conference - Mark, Plan,Teach 

Today ATS hosted Mark-Plan-Teach led by Ross McGill and Dr Tim O’Brien. We welcomed over 30 teachers from as far as Newcastle. Continuing our focus on being the best teachers and learners, led by pedagogy, research and current thinking. It has been a great day and we are looking forward to building more links and all being learners for life. See our twitter feed for more information: tenisons_news

Ms Fox  (Assistant Headteacher)




Year 10 Careers Day @ ATS


Our Year 10 Careers Day today 5th January was a great success The event showcased presentations and information stalls from a few Colleges, a University, an Apprenticeship Workshop and Mock Interviews. 

The day was insightful and the volunteers had a lot of praise for our students. What an amazing day. Thank you to all our volunteers from Kings College London, Nationwide, Bam Construct Uk, The Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors, other volunteers(too many to name), visiting Colleges and staff who made the day a successful one.

Ms M Quintyne






On Wednesday13th of December 2017, we held our annual Christmas production, which looks to celebrate the role that music, drama and art play within our school community. The evening was a fantastic success: it was a joy to see so many students taking part, from absolute beginners to experienced performers. An enthusiastic audience of parents and carers, as well as students and staff, came out to support us, making for a truly special event. Thanks to everyone involved!
Ms Latunji (Head of Music)




2019 Admission Policy for Consultation 

In consultation and agreement with our Governing Body, we have revised our Admissions Policy which will be used for 2019 admissions.

Please follow this link. There are only a few minor changes which relate to providing greater clarity on how the results of the Lambeth Test is used to  allocate places and also to remove some elements of the old policy which are no longer relevant. The consultation period lasts until Monday 22nd January 2018. If you wish to respond to this consultation please respond to

Mr J Henderson (Headteacher) 

Information and Entertainment evening 

The school welcomed guests from our partner organisations for a very successful event on Thursday 30th November.

Representatives from Lambeth, the SDBE and the School Foundation were joined by Governors and also members of the City Livery Companies, the Woolmen, Dyers, Cutlers and Chartered Surveyors, who have generously funded projects at the school in the last few years.

Our guests heard a presentation from Jim Henderson about his vision for the school and also enjoyed musical performances from our choir, drummers and violinists. Some students also read out their creative writing pieces and there were exhibits from the Art and DT departments.

Many thanks to Ms Latunji, Ms Hughes and all other staff who helped

Mr L Weeks (School Bursar)


Remembrance Service ATS

On Friday 10th November we held a special Remembrance Service in honour of the former students of this school who gave their lives during the great wars of the 20th Century. We were privileged to be joined by members of the 'Old Tenisonians Association', the Governors, Revd. Steve Coulson from St Mark's Church Kennington and our special guest speaker Emile Ghessen, a former Sgt. in the Royal Marines Commandos. 

Sgt. Ghessen spoke eloquently on the subject of sacrifice, courage and determination and what it takes to be a Marine. We were reminded of God's great love for our country through the years and publically stated our intent, as a school community, to work for peace and reconciliation in the future. The names of the fallen were read aloud and a 2 minute silence was observed in recognition of their sacrifice.

Pastor Steve Whitton School Chaplain



House competitions

On 20th October  we held our first ever Fancy Dress Friday to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. In the afternoon we held a special assembly giving us a chance to formally  congratulate the winners of the various House Competitions we've been running throughout the term.

There were many awards, from Ms Grogory's 'Great Tenison's Bakeoff' to Ms Lynch's 'Spelling Bee'. Prizes and certificates were given out and the winners of the Fancy dress Competition were announced. It was a fantastic assembly and a great way to end a successful half term.

Pastor S Whitton





Today (16/10/2017) we hosted a Bake Sale in the playground to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research and for the Geography Department Field Trip. Students from Year 7 to Year 13 baked cakes and sweet treats.

Members of staff and Sixth Formers helped out selling the cakes, and it was a lot of fun! We also raised over £100 for charity. Thank you to everyone who took part in the Great Tenison's Bake Off!

Miss  E Gregory (Teacher of Religious Studies)  



Head's Comment



In July Archbishop Tenison's School received a monitoring inspection to review the progress made by Mrs Kite and the staff last year in taking decisive action to respond to the recommendations made at the time of the Ofsted inspection in October 2016 which put the school into special measures.


I am delighted to say that this report is now public and is very praising of the work done by the school.  It says "Leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures."

It also provides a reminder that the behaviour of pupils "was judged to be good at the last inspection" and that we are allowed to appoint newly qualified teachers.

The full monitoring visit report is a testament to the hard work of staff, governors, the Southwark diocese and the local authority last year.
My early impressions of the school are of a commitment to excellence and a very strong and supportive community. There are still significant issues to address but I am confident that the energy and optimism of all associated with Archbishop Tenison's School will see us continue to make rapid improvements this academic year.
Mr Henderson (Headteacher Archbishop Tenison's School)

Please click here to read the full report from our OFSTED monitoring visit (July 2017)


School Prizegiving 2017 

The Upper School Prize Giving Ceremony took place on Thursday evening on 14th September. It was a well supported event by staff, students, parents and a range of special guests who support the school on an on-going basis.  Michael Volpe, the founder of Holland Park Opera, gave the address. This was a motivating and interesting speech directed at students who had completed their GCSE and A Level examinations, as well as those students preparing for their exams this year.

There was a lot of success to celebrate. Some of the top GCSE students included Babatunde Adesoye who gained eight A* and A's grades as his results and at A Level Sam Kind achieve two A* and one grade B. Sam is going forward to study History at York University.  All the Year 13 leavers this year are progressing on to further courses of study at university.
Finally, a highlight of the evening was the introductory speech from the new head teacher Mr Henderson who shared his vision for the future of the school and congratulated the hard work and achievement of the prize winners.


Assistant Headteacher (Miss S Appavoo)




New Year 7's Arrive!  

On Wednesday we welcomed our new Year 7 pupils and their parents to the school at our Communion and Commitment Service.

Those who attended were able to join in communion together by receiving the bread and the wine. 

Revd. Steve Coulson from St Mark’s Church, Kennington, led the service, accompanied by Pastor Steve Whitton, the School Chaplain.

Each new student took part in a candle lighting ceremony which symbolises the hope and love each of us brings to the world through our faith in Jesus. We also prayed for God’s help as we embark on a new school year.

Pastor Steve Whitton 




Please click here to read more about the exciting teacher training programme at ATS


6th Form Summer Exhibition  

The Art, Design Technology and Music departments joined forces this year for a Summer Exhibition at Montgomergy Hall. The purpose was to showcase the amazingly creative outcomes from years 11, 12 and 13 across all three subject areas.  

This year our exhibition included work from the following KS4 & KS5 courses:

GCSE Product Design 
GCSE Fine Art
AS Fine Art
A2 Fine Art
BTEC Sub Dip Art and Design
AS Product Design
A2 Product Design
BTEC Dip Engineering, 
BTEC Dip Music

We were delighted to have live music performances for the private view put together by the sixth form music students: this was a real highlight of the evening!  

We wish all our graduating students this year every success for the future as they continue on their creative journeys and careers.

Head of Art (Ms King)


Year 10 Careers Advice at ATS

Tenison's Year 10's getting careers' advice to help them on the path to success

Thank you to all our volunteers who helped make our careers day such a positive event!

Ms M Quintyne




Special Assembly at ATS 

There are four houses at Archbishop Tenison's School named after cathedral cities around England - Canterbury, Durham, Winchester and York. Every half term several competitions take place between pupils from each house. Last week we held an Awards Assembly to celebrate the students who had won. There were five competitions in all; an Eggheads quiz, a 'Poetry Slam', a bake sale, a portrait competition and a rowing challenge. The pupils really enjoyed seeing what had gone on, celebrating their house's success and many received prizes for their hard work.

Pastor Steve Whitton





Founder's Day at St Martin-in-the-Fields Church

On Friday 17th March we celebrated Founder's Day with a service at St Martin-in-the-Fields Church in central London.  332 years ago Archbishop Thomas Tenison founded the school in the crypt of St Martin's Church. Former pupils, governors and Revd. Dr Sam Wells joined pupils and staff to celebrate this milestone. Here's to the next 332 years.

Pastor Steve



Ash Wednesday 

On Ash Wednesday we marked the beginning of Lent. We remember that we are dust and that we will return to the dust. Our hope is in the cross of Jesus Christ, so we mark our heads accordingly, publically showing our commitment to him.

Pastor Steve




At Archbishop Tenison’s we believe that Work Experience and Careers Guidance is fundamental to the progress, growth and attainment of our students. 

That’s why we are so excited to announce that Lambeth Council has given us the opportunity, to work towards the Investors in Careers Award ( We are one of 16 Lambeth schools presently working towards this Award. 

Investor in Careers (IiC) is a quality standard for the management of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG). It is now the most widely used quality award of its kind, recognised nationally across the country.
To receive it, we must make evident our commitment to deliver unbiased, independent careers education, information, advice and guidance to all of our students.

The Benefits of IiC:

To the Students:
• Motivating students
• Improving students’ awareness of opportunities available to them
• Raising students’ ambitions 
• Giving students’ the ability to make the correct choices regarding education and employment


 To the School:
• Ensuring that we have a robust CEIAG framework 
• Making sure that we follow Government Guidelines
• Ensuring that we hold independent, impartial evidence for Ofsted inspections 
• That we have a whole school approach towards CEIAG
• Incorporate CEIAG within the school curriculum

Mrs Quintyne (Examinations Administrator/Careers Advisor) 

Oval House's theater at ATS

Oval House's theatre company BoxClever are in today(Friday 24th February ) delivering 3 fantastic productions of Macbeth for Year 8, Romeo and Juliet for Years 10 7 11 and an 'Introduction to Shakespeare' for Year 7.

The performance mixes modern and original language into a fun, vibrant and engaging interpretation from 3 talented young actors. There is also a short workshop following each production to further clarify understanding.

We are very lucky to have them in and the students have loved it!


Miss Cariss  (Head of English)



Special Assembly 

We were very privileged to have Reggie Dabbs, a famous youth speaker from Miami, address students for our collective worship service on Thursday. Reggie delivered a powerful testimony about the importance of caring, be it for yourself, for others or for your relationship with God. He also entertained students with his saxophone skills!

Reggie was joined by members of 'I Care Revolution', a Christian project that seeks to improve and develop young people's lives through performance, dance and the message of Jesus

Pastor Steve 



Buddy Programme 


As part of the Buddy Programme, a group of our students will be spending the day at King’s College, University of London. The day will include a tour of the campus and the students will have the opportunity to work with current University students through an engaging workshop in partnership with the Law Society. This will enable our students to ask questions related to the university experience in an informal context.

Watch this space for a report on how the day goes!
Mrs Quintyne 


All Change at ATS! 

This term has seen a number of changes taking place at Tenison's. Probably the most obvious one is the fact that lessons now start at 8.35am, rather than 9.05am. Lunch, on the other hand, has been moved back a little, though to compensate there is an extended morning break at 11.05am, with hot food served in the Dining Hall. We are pleased to report that these changes have had a positive impact already, with a clearer focus on learning just one of the benefits.
Watch this space for further updates on how we are changing the way we work at Tenison's.

Mr Elstub (Deputy Headteacher) 




This year's Mastermind Final took place in the Great Hall on Friday 16th December. Unusually, there were 7 contestants because the Year 8 Final had produced a dead heat. Specialist topics were as follows: Chelsea FC, The Flash, Gymnastics, Scooby Doo, Mezut Ozil, Biology and the Titanic.

The second part of the final challenged contestants to a quick-fire round of general knowledge questions. In the end, there could only be one winner: step forward, Daniel Alves from Year 8, who won the top prize of an iPad Mini. The other contestants were all rewarded with gift vouchers to spend on Amazon.

Our thanks to all staff who set questions and to the contestants for making this the most memorable Mastermind Final yet.

Mr Elstub (Deputy Headteacher) 


ATS celebrated Advent and communion  

This morning we celebrated Advent and celebrated communion as a school.  We looked at what it cost Mary to have Jesus as her son.  We reflected on what it costs us to have Jesus in our lives.  But we also recognised that following Jesus brings great rewards. We have peace with God, we have our sins forgiven, we inherit God's Kingdom.

Pastor Steve Whitton 


A Service of Remembrance 

Our Service of Remembrance took place on Friday 11th November and was attended by all staff and students. The service was led by Revd Steve Coulson, the Vicar of nearby St. Mark's Church, and our school chaplain, Pastor Steve Whitton. 

Just before 11am Mr Elstub and Ms Walker read out the names of the many Old Tenisonians who died fighting for this country during the First and Second World Wars.

The two minute silence itself was preceeded by a wonderful rendering of the Last Post by our brass peripatetic teacher Jeff Brown. After the silence representatives of students, staff, governors and Old Tenisonians laid wreathes in remembrance by the plaque commemorating the fallen.


Mr Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)





On the 20th July, I had the opportunity to attend the Opera at Holland park to view an Opera showcase which was called "La Cenerentola". I met Mr Tenison (Chair of Governors) at the entrance of the Opera house as well meeting my fellow sixth form student. When we entered the building, the atmosphere was pretty surreal: for a young person coming from a working class family background, being in an environment where you as the individual are the minority among the masses is an interesting experience!


The hall was packed and everyone was in their seats except me, furthermore finding my seat was a task in its self but surprisingly it didn't take me long to spot Mr Reid. When the play started I had no Idea what the actors were saying but at least I had been notified by Mr Tenison beforehand that the Opera showcase would be performed entirely in Italian. Fortunately, there were English subtitles on two monitors. In terms of the actual performance, there were elements of comedy and romance , one might call it a light-hearted Opera show. In fact, "La Cenerentola"  follows the Disney's Cinderella story but has a less of the fantasy features within the play. 


At the interval the group had the opportunity to meet the general manager of Opera Holland Park Micheal Volpe which was a great experience; we were able to find out more about "La Cenerentola" and others projects which are in the works. The second half of the play was more dramatic, especially having an orchestra playing the background music. In conclusion, the play was a memorable experience and I'm very privileged to have attended a Opera showcase.


I'd like thank Mr Tenison for presenting the sixth form the opportunity to see a Opera show at Opera Holland park. I would also like to thank Micheal Volpe for providing the tickets to see this Opera show as well coming down to speak to the sixth form in our enrichment periods on the 16th of September.

Matthew Beezer 13:AS1


Great School Bake Off

Miss Emmett and Miss Adams helped raise £205.07 for Macmillan Cancer Nurses by organising a Bake Off and Cake Sale at the school at the end of September.

The competition amongst staff and students was high. A wide range of cup cakes and whole cakes were produced.

Expectations and consumptions was high. The event was extremely popular.
The cakes were judged and the results were as follows…….

For the staff Miss Gregory won with her carrot cake. 

For the students - Aisha Grant 7.8 won with her red velvet cake.


Mr Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)


School Prizegiving 2016

This year's Upper School Prizegiving took place on Thursday 15th September. 44 subject prizes were awarded to a range of students from last year's Year 10 to 13 students. A number of prize winners  left Tenison's in July 2016 and returned to receive their prizes before heading off to uni. A number of students won more than one prize, reflecting a year's worth of very hard work.  

The guest-speaker was Colleen Amos, who has supported a number of students at Tenison's through her inspirational Amos Foundation.

Our thanks to all those who attended - it was a truly inspirational evening as always.


Mr Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)





Archbishop Tenison's had the pleasure of having Great Britain Olympic medallist, Asha Philip, to come and speak to the pupils and staff about her journey and Olympic experience. Asha Philip told a packed Great Hall that she came from a very sporty family, and that she originally focused on the double mini trampoline. 

She suffered what was possibly a career-ending injury that caused her to make a very tough choice: accept that she would never run fast again, or work immensely hard and prove many people wrong. She also had to make the tough choice between trampolining and athletics.

Asha managed to make it to the 2016 Rio Olympics, an achievement in itself, but also brought back a 4 x 100 Relay bronze medal. She gave an excellent talk on determination and perseverance, and all in attendance were inspired and motivated by her story.

A selection of pupils were chosen also to take part in a question and answer session. The pupils asked great questions and gained a deeper insight into Asha as a person and a world-class athlete. Overall, it was an excellent experience for all of us and those from St Marks Primary School, who were also in attendance. We hope she has lit the fire for a few future Olympians to come.

Our thanks go to Asha for taking the time to visit us and we send her our best wishes for future track success.

Mr K Yiminyi

Assistant Head of Year 9 and Teacher of Physical Education




 New Year 7's Arrive! 

We extend a warm welcome to our new cohort of Year 7 boys and girls, who began their Tension's careers today. The day began with a service to mark the start of a new stage in all of these young lives.

The service was led by Revd Coulson of St. Mark's Church, with a large number of staff and parents in attendance, as well as students. The service culminated in students lighting a candle to represent the light they will welcome into their lives  over the coming years. All of them looked splendid and we are confident they are going to be the best year group ever at Tension's. 

We look forward to seeing these young people grow into fantastic young adults over the coming 7 years.  

Mr Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)



GCSE Results....very good progress!

We are pleased that there is a real improvement on last year’s results.

Provisionally we sit at 58% of students gaining five A*- C including English and Maths

•    English and Maths threshold -  62% (41% last year)

•    Attainment 8 : 4.59 (was 4.54 last year)

Subject results- percentage of grades A*-C

•         Art and Design (up from 35% in 2015 to 61% in 2016)

•         Computing Technology (up from 43% to 58%)

•         English (combined Language and Literature, which is the new     Government measure - 73%)

•         Geography (up from 47% to 53%)

•         History (up from 68% to 74%)

•         Maths (up from 49% to 65%)

•         Music (up from 12% to 54%)

•         PE (up from 53% to 81%)

•         RS (up from 69% to 86%)

•         Science (further additional up from 23% to 68%)

•         Economics (58% - this was our first year group)

Elizabeth Sims-Executive Headmistress



On the 13th and 14th July ATS students and staff came off timetable to participate in 2 activities days. Students went on trips to the Imperial War Museum, NAMCO, the theatre (to see Bugsy Malone), Thorpe Park, LSBU and Sussex University, while others were engaged in paintballing, making pizzas and sweets, creating an ATS garden, street dance and (believe it or not) learning how to play pool! There was an array of sporting activities as well, from cricket to basketball, from table-tennis to good old football. 

Our students had great experiences and all have had opportunity to see and try new things. Well done to all pupils for their excellent behaviour and to all the staff who worked hard to make it all happen.

Ms N Fox (Asst Headteacher) 


Jack Petchey Awards July 16  

On Monday 11th July, seven of our most recent Jack Petchey winners attended a dazzling awards ceremony held this year at Catford Broadway Theatre.   Each of the winners received a medal from the Worshipful Mayor of Lambeth, Saleha Jaffer.

ATS winners who attended were Unas Montout Hahn, Dennay Tajah-Newell, Joel Davis, Joshua Osei, Gabriel Turner, Nichael Ademola and Timothy Karalargil  Unfortunately the following four were not able to attend the event but also received prizes in the last year: Malik Nehali, Ameera Mukiibi, Josiah Allcock and Darilson de Carvalho.

This year, the prize money students receive, which has to be spent on the school, has been used for subsidising a variety of trips during activities days and towards additional playground equipment, such as the football tables.

Well done to all of this year's prize-winners!

 Ms I Phillips (Senior Asst Headteacher)



Year 10 Careers Day

This year's Year 10 Careers Day took place on Friday 8th July. The event was a great success, with students finding out more about apprenticeships, a variety of careers options and some of the do's and don't's of careers planning.

The centre piece of the day was the formal interview practice, with each student undergoing a mock interview at the hands of one of the volunteers from our corporate partners.  

Our thanks to Nationwide Bank, BRE, BAM, Savills, the Chartered Surveyors and Barclays for providing their support for this event. 

Mr Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)



This year's Lower School Prizegiving took place on Thursday 7th July. It was wonderful to see so many students receiving their prizes for a year's hard work in a particular subject, be it art , maths or geography. Particular mention must go to Jamal Mansaray, Pamela López, Juan Andrés Arcos Sterling and Ella Clarke, all of whom won prizes in several subjects. 

After the awarding of prizes, our guest speaker, Simon Shaw, gave a moving speech on the importance of appreciating the gift that is life. 

Thanks to all those involved in organising such a wonderful evening, and to parents, teachers and students for all their hard work.

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)


6th Form Leaver's Servce

The Year 13 Graduation Ceremony represented the end of a long road, with all our Year 13 students now embarking on a new journey. Many students entered the school in 2009, with additions coming into the school along the way. Awards were given out, the first ever yearbook was presented to every student, the sixth form band played, speeches were delivered and smiles were seen by everyone throughout the service.

Mr. Reid, Mr. Wong and Miss Fox have guided the 6th Form throughout the year: through the good and bad times they always set the example that we continuously learnt from. Being Head Boy has been a new experience for me and I thank all the students who helped me along the way, making it a fantastic year. I came into the school without a lot of friends and I can comfortably say that I have left the school with people that I now consider family.

Bradley Mafuta (Head Boy)

The Year 11 Graduation Ceremony 

The Year 11 Graduation Ceremony represented the end of a long road, with all our Year 11 students now embarking on a new journey. The students started the school in 2011, with some students coming into the school along the way. Awards were given out to each student, while some staff were presented with gifts by the students for their hard work. Then it was onto the speeches, the first of these delivered by Head prefect Princewill Ogunmekan, followed by Head of Year Mr Williams and the Head Mistress Mrs Sims. Students, parents and staff also enjoyed a video dedicated to the time the year 11’s have spent here at Archbishop Tenison’s School and smiles were seen by everyone throughout the service.

Mr Williams, Mr Smith, Mr Ayoola, Mr Sims and Ms Trought have led the forms over the last 5 years as Head of Year and tutors, working tirelessly to ensure the students were supported and encouraged to do their very best. It was a marvellous send off, a tribute to the students, parents and staff.

We would like to thank all those who attended and wish those leaving us the best in the future. Meanwhile, we look forward to continuing the journey with those that will now be members of our 6th Form.

Mr Williams (Head of Year) 


Activity Day 2016

On the 13th and 14th of July ATS is running two Activities Days. This is an opportunity for your child to spend time with his/her form and take part in a fun trip or activity on each of the days . You should have received a letter home about what is happening. Most students are working in forms. If you need any more information, please email Miss Fox at

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)

ATS at Tate Modern 

Tenisons' students were lucky enough to be invited to a special preview event before the grand opening ceremony of the Tate Modern extension, The Switch House. This remarkable preview event was organised for students so they could experience the new space before it opens on 22nd June to the general public. 
Students were invited to explore the  gallery space and share their observations with each other.  Several students in our party had the opportunity to share their observations with the BBC film crew that will be turning the day into a forthcoming documentary. Students and staff are really looking forward to seeing the final production of this on the BBC shortly. It was a fantastic day out and a wonderful opportunity for Art students at ATS.

Ms King (Head of Art)

Sports Day 2016

This year's Sports Day was held at Tooting Bec Athletics Track on Friday 20th May. With the weather keeping the rain at bay, the day saw pupils from years 7 to 10 participate and compete in a range of track and field events. This was also a very special sports day as Tenison's saw its first ever cohort of girls compete and represent their house also in quest to be crowned sports day champions.

The day featured constant leader changes among the houses, with a very tight finish between two houses with one set of races left. In the end Durham House triumphed with a good run of results in the relay events.

This day also saw three staff relay teams competing along side the year 10 boys' relay teams. What looked like being a clear win for one staff team was quickly diminished by some electric speed shown by one on the boys' teams, which fought hard down to a photo finish.

We would like to thank all the participants for their efforts: pupils and PE staff alike, with considerable help from the rest of the staff,  helped ensure that the event ran very smoothly. Thanks are due also to Tooting Bec track for hosting us and helping make the day a success

 Mr P Yiminyi (PE Teacher)




Summer Music Programme 25th - 29th July

Tenison's is hosting a summer music scheme for all ages 11-16

If you like signing, acting or song writing then this week is  for you !. You will be working with professional musicians from the Pegasus Music School and will create a daily performance for your friends and family.

You can come for the whole week or just one day....The scheme is funded by the National Lottery and is free to all Tenison's students.

Please Click here to download the leaflet. If your son or daughter are interested contact Pegasus as shown on the leaflet or speak to  Mr. Weeks the Bursar-

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)

Measles Case in London Alert 

Please click the link below for more information  

Confirmed case of measles in London

Alert on Measles case in London  

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)

Thinking About Doing an Apprenticeship?

As a school the majority of our students leave Tenison's to head onto university. Today, however, we had a special upper school assembly to remind students that university is not the only pathway they can take.

Guest speakers from 'Spotlight on Apprenticeships' were in attendance, including a lovely surprise when it turned out that a  former student, Simeon Baker, was one of the speakers!

Current students were taught about the different levels of apprenticeships and where they might lead; we learnt that Simeon, for example, is already on a level 4 apprenticeship scheme.

Students took the chance to chat informally to our visitors after assembly and were given booklets with more information.

Ms N Fox (Assistant Head Teacher and Head of 6th Form) 

PSA Event - Superstars

Thanks to those parents, staff and students who attended the PSA Superstars event on Wednesday 20th April. Contestants were put through their paces on the rowing machine, while also competing at penalty kicks and basketball free throws. The overall winner was Mayowa in Year 11 - well done to him for taking the crown as the school's finest all-round athlete! 

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher) 

Tracking Date

Spring tracking for all years groups will be in each student's diary this week.  Please make sure you look at the information and sign the Parents' and Carers' reply slip.

Ms A Emmett (Head of Geography)

Passiontide Eucharist service at ATS

Maundy Thursday took place this year on 24th March 2016 and to mark the occasion the school celebrated with a Passiontide Eucharist service and end of term awards ceremony. The main assembly was led by the Reverend Steve Coulson with worship led by Mr Reid, Mrs Adams and 6th Former Matthew Beezer.

The service was supported by both year 10 and year 8 students, as the Reverend Coulson and students took part in a dramatic reading of Jesus Christ and his crucifixion taken form the Gospel of Mark chapter 15 verses 1 to 39. The main assembly was closed with an awards ceremony, with Mrs Phillips and Mrs Sims awarding students for all their hard work and efforts over the past school term.

Mr T Chew (School Chaplain) 



Speakers for Schools

At Tenison's we work with the charitable organisation Speakers for Schools, which means that we are offered the chance to have some very engaging and successful speakers come and talk to our students about their lives and what they consider the keys to success.

This week we were very privileged to have a talk from Paul Morris, who is the director of Willis Towers Watson. Mr Morris explained what his company does and also touched on the importance of the services industry in London. Willis Towers Watson value maths graduates, we learnt, but also interview people from across a wide variety of degrees. 

After Mr Morris had spoken to us, the students had a chance to ask questions and there was a huge variety, from 'How much do you earn in a month?' to 'What are the most important 5 qualities in a managing director?'

Thank you to Mr Morris for giving up his time to speak to us and to the Sixth form and Year 10 for being a great audience.

Ms N Fox (Assistant Head Teacher)



ATS annual Founders Day 

Friday 18th March 2016 marked the school's annual Founders Day. Held at St Martin's in the Field and led by Reverand Sam Wells, students, governors, teachers and staff celebrated the school's great history and founder Thomas Tenison. The highlight of the service was the undoubted talents of the Music department, led by Mr Gravett, who inspired the Year 7 choir and school instrumentalists on this wonderful occasion.

Mr T Chew (School Chaplain) 



Austria Ski Trip

Last week 39 students went to Austria to ski for the first time. Students learnt the basics and then quickly progressed to be able to go to the very top of the mountain at 2500 feet! Boys left with an appreciation of the beauty of the landscape and an enthusiasm for a sport they had never tried before. Well done!!

Mr D Smith  (Head of RS)



Law Trip to the BBC 

on Monday 14th March a number of Year 13 students visited the headquarters of the BBC's legal team. Once there, BBC lawyers spoke about what they do on a daily basis working for the BBC.

It was an absolutely amazing day where the students learned about the different career paths into becoming a lawyer, and learned interview skills, along with important advice from the experts, ranging from legislators to business lawyers.

Our hosts displayed great interest in what they do and emphasised the hard work needed to get into their positions. They have even agreed to offer work experience opportunities at Brokerage Business, so some of our students will shortly get to know more about the legal world.  

Ms N Fox (Assistant Head Teacher)


Art trip to The Imperial War Museum  

The purpose of this trip was to support students with primary observations for their exam unit.  Students were able to gather inspiration and ideas across the five floors inside the museum to help with preparation for their externally set topics. 

Students produced a range of drawings and photographs, while gathering valuable information from the visit. In particular, Year 11 were able to speak and find out from year 12 and 13 what life in the 6th Form and studying art is really like - they seemed impressed!

 Ms H King (Head of Art)




A level Ethics Conference at ATS  

On Thursday 10th March Tenison's hosted its third A Level Ethics Conference with special guest Peter Baron. 75 visitors from other schools across London attended and, as has been the case in previous years, students left invigorated and better informed about how to prepare for their imminent exam.

Peter Baron runs the philosophical investigations website and creates a range of resources for KS5 Ethics students. For anyone in KS4 who is interested in taking an ethics course next year, find out more about the course at

Thanks to all staff and students who helped support on the day - once again you helped make it a real success. 

Mr P Haviland (Teacher of RS) 



STEM trip to Emirates Stadium

A number of students were fortunate enough to take part in a STEM trip to Emirates Stadium in north London. STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) have a significant profile at Tenison's and this trip provided students with an opportunity to visit an exhibition titled 'My future , my ambition'.

Pupils in Year 9 and the STEM group in Year 7 took part in a range of hands-on activities, such as building a national grid, repairing blockages in a water main pipe. They also participated in a debate starring Sol Campbell on whether prospective employers should have legal access to social media of their prospective employees.

Mr K Fynn (Acting Head of Science)



Wet and Wild in Wales!  

On the 22nd February a group of twelve Year Seven and Year Eight boys set off at the crack of dawn to the Outward Bound Trust in Aberdovey, on the west coast of Wales. After a mammoth 7 hour drive, the boys arrived for what could only be described as a week full of adventure and excitement.

Over the course of the week all students courageously completed challenges and activities ranging from team building games, to an eight kilometer kayak, as well as gorge scrambling up streams. Most impressively, they completed an eleven kilometer overnight expedition, which saw them hike up mountains and 'orienteer' themselves to an overnight cabin.

The effort put in by all was outstanding and the boys showed true character and strength. Well Done! 


Mr M Leon (Pastoral Leader)



ART showcase website 

The Art Department at Tenison's has created a new website to showcase all of the wonderful work done by students across the year groups. Click here to proceed to the site and don't forget to 'bookmark' the site, which will be updated periodically. We think you'll be impressed! 

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher) 



Concert at St. Martin-in-the-Fields

On Sunday 7th Feb the Music department took part  in the annual Eucharist with partner schools at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square. The Music department were represented by the Brass Group, consisting of Sam Coore (1st trumpet), Emmanuel Nyankomago (2nd Trumpet), Lewis Elward (Trombone), Mr Gravett (French Horn), Vasco Andrade (Tuba), all under the superb direction of our brass tutor, Jeff Brown.

The brass group performed a new work 'Fanfare',  composed by Jeff Brown, for the Introit. They also contributed by performing at the end of the service with an excellent arrangement of the jazz standard 'Night Train' by Jimmy Forrest, arranged by Jeff Brown.

In addition, Sam Coore (1st trumpet) read from the Book of Exodus to an attentive congregation.
We look forward to performing again at St Martin's next month for Founder's Day.

Mr S Gravett (Head of Music) 


Ash Wednesday Service 

Our Ash Wednesday Service began at 8.45am and was led by Revd. Steve Coulson, parish priest of St. Mark's, Kennington. There were readings by the Headboy and Headgirl, the first taken from the book of Isaiah and the second from the Gospel of Luke. Revd. Coulson delivered a thought-provoking sermon based on these readings, before a large number of students received the sign of the cross in ash on their forehead. Revd. Coulson finished by exhorting all those in attendance to make the most of the Lenten period by focusing on the importance of reflection.

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher) 



TEXTILES @ Tenison's 

At Tenison's we pride ourselves on the huge variety of extra-curricular activities, clubs and workshops available to students. The latest to start up is Textiles Club, which took off in January. Currently the club is open to Year 7 and 6th Form students only. The Year 7 students are learning how to block print, in this case using a polystyrene block. There are 4 stages to the process and students have been learning each stage in turn: drawing your chosen design; tracing the design onto the polystyrene block; printing the block onto canvas; and sewing the piece of canvas into a bag. 

The club is proving popular to Year 7 girls in particular but a few boys have tried their hand at it too. If you'd like to get involved, make sure you see Ms King, Ms Lycett-Smith or Ms Thompson. 

Our thanks go out to the Worshipful Company of Woolmen for kindly sponsoring the club and funding us for all the materials and machinery - it is much appreciated!


Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)




This year's edition of Mastermind at ATS saw 2014 champion Emmanuel Amadi retain his crown, thanks to his all-round knowledge and his ability to stay calm under pressure.  With an audience of over 600 enjoying the spectacle, contestants from each year group were put through two rounds of questions, the first focused on a chosen specialist topic and the second on general knowledge. 

Having fought their way through form group and year group finals to make it through to the Grand Final, all six contestants fully deserved the plaudits they received. In the end, Emmanuel's score of 25 points was enough to secure victory and a top-of-the-range iPad. Second placed was Daniel Alves, who won a mountain bike.

The six finalists and their chosen specialist topics were:
• Year 7 - Daniel Alves (The Harry Potter saga)
• Year 8 - Maxwell Male-Jones (WWE)
• Year 9 - Emmanuel Amadi (David Cameron)
• Year 10 - Joshua Kayode (Arsenal FC) 
• Year 11 - Carlson Ddamba (Supercars)
• 6th Form - Sam Kind (The Unification of Germany, 1871)

Congratulations to all the above, as well as the year group finalists. All of them will receive well-deserved prizes.

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher) 


Celebrated the life of Archbishop Thomas Tenison

On Wednesday the 16th December 2015 the school celebrated the life of Archbishop Thomas Tenison. As the founder of the school, Tenision was responsible for the school's foundation over 330 years ago, with its original location being in the crypt at St Martins in the Field in Trafalgar Square, London. 

On this occasion the school was blessed with hosting this celebratory service as well as a Christmas Carol Concert and staff, students, teachers, parents and governors all attended this one hour long special assembly. As part of the service Simon Tenison spoke and gave a very moving message about the life of Archbishop Tenison, his works and his achievements. The assembly also include Christmas carols, readings and a seasonal message from the Reverend Steve Coulson. It was a very special service to mark two very special occasions.

Mr Pastor Tim


School Concert

Congratulations to the Music Department, which entertained the Lower School and a number of parents with a fantastic concert on Thursday 11th December. The performance, which lasted just over an hour, included a wide range of musical genres, from rap to classical to show tunes. The quality of the performances was outstanding and all the performers were given a standing ovation at the end. Thanks to Mr Gravett and all the instrumental teachers for their help in putting this concert on. 

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)


ATS Lambeth Youth Election

Tenison's is proud to announce that we have once again got candidates standing for election to Lambeth Youth Parliament and UK Youth Parliament. Nana Kyei and Yaser Musa delivered superb speeches to the whole school on voting day (2nd March) and then the whole school was given an opportunity to cast their vote. Fingers crossed that our students are elected!

Here is the speech Yaser delivered at the start of the day:  Click here

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)  


Remembrance Day Service at Archbishop Tenison

Today we held a moving service to commemorate the lives of former students who gave their lives for this country in the First and Second World Wars.

The service was led by our school chaplain, Pastor Tim, while Reverend Steve Coulson was on hand to preach the sermon. Four wreathes were laid, one on behalf of the school governors, the second on behalf of the Old Tenisonians, the third on behalf of the staff and the fourth on behalf of students.

As part of a mark of Remembrance the whole school observed a two minute silence with a trumpeter starting the silence followed by the Hymnal O God Beyond All Praising. The service concluded with the national anthem.

Mr Pastor Tim


Girls' Football 

As part of our commitment to competitive sports, our Year 7 girls played their first ever football match on Tuesday 20th October 2015, a mere 330 years after the school was established as an all boys foundation. Better late than never! This was a significant moment in the school's history and the students played exceptionally well, with Ameera being the first Tenison's girl to score a goal and Pamela being the first ever Girl (Woman?) of the Match.

The game, unfortunately, ended with ATS losing on penalties in sudden death, but the students worked really hard and demonstrated excellent professionalism and technical ability throughout the game. We are still in another cup competition and remain focused as we prepare our next fixture through training and playing games on Monday nights at Kennington Park.

If you are interested in getting involved, see Pastor Tim.




The Woolmen’s Livery forms education links with Archbishop Tenison’s School, Lambeth.

Archbishop Tenison’s School, across the road from the Oval cricket ground in Lambeth, serves the needs of its local community.

Tenison’s is an inclusive secondary school for students in Year 7 to Year 13 with a long history of offering high quality education in a challenging yet vibrant area of London.

 Our partnership link supports the school in its work of educating young people to make full use of their talents. Specifically, we aim to encourage students to raise their aspirations and widen their horizons through seeing textiles, fashion and the wool industry in a new light.

In the coming year, we will support the foundation of a textiles club at the school. Already there is interest from over 30 of the pupils and the Head of Art is keen that this grows. We will encourage this through providing materials and by working with the staff where possible to develop their skills.

 Please Click here to read more  

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher) 




Annual Harvest Festival in ATS

Friday the 2nd October 2015 marked the School's Annual Harvest Festival. As a school we take this opportunity to celebrate a time of Thanksgiving and reflection for the food that we have. The Harvest Festival gives the school as a community, all students, parents and teachers, the opportunity to gather food to provide for those in need during the cold winter months.

This year the school collected for" the Collection" based at St Martin's in the Field where we recently celebrated our 330th anniversary and the Waterloo Foodbank. During the service the Reverend Steve Coulson preached and teachers Mr Reed, Mrs Adams and students from year 10 were all involved in the reading and prayers during the service.

Mr T Chew (School Chaplain)

Macmillan Cancer Research

Congratulations to our BTEC Business students who held a Macmillan fund-raising event to raise awareness for Cancer Research. They were delighted to participate in an event that is close to many people’s hearts. We were glad to have a number of participants, which showed their concerns for this the worthy cause.  The students raised £200, which surpassed our expectations, while providing them with skills that will benefit them in their Business Studies course.

Mrs P Adam (Teacher of Business) 


Tenison's students secured impressive results over the summer, with Year 11 boys again scoring rates of progress above the average for boys nationwide.  

For the 6th year in a row, all Year 13 leavers from Tenison's secured a place in further education, with a high percentage obtaining their first choice destination. Particularly impressive was the range of destinations, with students going on to study a wide variety of subjects at a number of prestigious universities and colleges.

Please Click here to See the table for more details:

Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)


ATS celebrated its 330th Anniversary


The school celebrated its 330th Anniversary in style on 2nd July with a celebration dinner held in the Great Hall.

Almost 100 staff, Governors, special guests and former pupils attended and enjoyed an excellent 3 course meal prepared by catering manager Ash Hanfy and his team. Sixth formers did a great job as the waiting staff.

The dinner included an auction with prizes donated by staff. More than £1,200 was raised on items including afternoon tea for two in the pavilion at Lord’s Cricket Ground, a Magnum of Champagne and a beautiful designer handbag.

There was also a raffle with a top prize of a new bike. This raised a further £220.

The whole evening was a great success and hopefully is the first of many more functions with the school’s former pupils.

 Mr L Weeks(Bursar)




Tenison's Features in Good Schools Guide


We were pleased to read a very complimentary description of the school in the current edition of the Good Schools Guide. Among other things, the Guide notes that, 'The sixth form is a strength of the school', 'Pupils are encouraged to look beyond the school walls' and 'Christian worship is an integral part of the school'.

See the following link for the full write-up:
Mr E Elstub (Deputy Headteacher)


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